Pilates Body : The Ultimate At- Home Guide To Strengthening, Lengthening, And Toning Your Body– Without Machines by Brooke Siler

Pilates Body : The Ultimate At- Home Guide To Strengthening, Lengthening, And Toning Your Body-- Without Machines by Brooke Siler

The Pilates(R) method has become extremely popular today as an exercise form, but it has actually been endorsed by doctors for nearly a century. Originally created by Joseph H. Pilates as a way to strengthen and condition muscles, Pilates is the perfect exercise for those who want to tone, slim down, and realign their bodies without the bulky muscles that traditional workouts can produce. In her book, “The Pilates(R) Body,” author Brooke Siler, a highly sought-after personal trainer and the owner of New York’s premier Pilates training studio, re: AB, offers a comprehensive and easy-to-follow program of Pilates exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime, and without the use of machines.

Siler provides step-by-step instructions, guiding the reader through a complete circuit of mat exercises. Each exercise is clearly illustrated with photographs, line drawings, and visualization exercises that make them easy to understand and follow along with. By practicing Pilates, you won’t just streamline your physique, but you will also see significant improvements in your posture, flexibility, balance, and overall physical and emotional well-being. Learn how to achieve all of these benefits with “The Pilates Body.”

The Pilates Body Mat Workout: Mastering Scissors and Bicycle Exercises

Are you ready to tone and strengthen your inner thighs? In this article, we will explore a simple yet effective exercise that targets this area. Instead of a video or channel, we will be focusing on a web post or article that explains this exercise. Let’s dive in!

The Scissor Exercise

To begin, position yourself on your back with your hands behind your hips. Imagine you are holding a web post or article in your hands, fingers pointing up with thumbs alongside the fingers. Now, lift your legs up and cross them over each other, just like scissors.

Start by moving your legs back and forth in a scissor-like motion. Feel the inner thighs brush against each other as you perform this exercise. You can choose to keep a steady pace or add a bounce to the movement – the choice is yours. You can also focus on the leg moving forward or the leg moving back – both options work.

Make sure to keep your legs stiff and strong, just like the middle of a scissor. Engage your muscles to maintain control throughout the exercise. Aim for lengthening your body, keeping a good posture while performing the movement.

The Bicycle Exercise

Now, let’s switch to another effective exercise to target the inner thighs – the bicycle exercise. Imagine your feet as pedals of a bicycle. Bring both feet up and place them in the air, as if your feet were resting on a pedal.

To start, take the right “pedal” and push it forward and down. Imagining that you are pedaling a bicycle, recreate the cycling motion with your legs. Alternate between your right and left “pedals” to complete the exercise.

Focus on feeling the pedal underneath your feet as you perform this exercise. This will help you engage the correct muscles and make the movement more effective in toning your inner thighs.

Remember, you have control over the pace and intensity of the exercise. Listen to your body and adjust the speed and resistance based on your comfort level.


The scissor and bicycle exercises are simple yet powerful moves that target and strengthen the inner thighs. By incorporating them into your regular workout routine, you can achieve toned and stronger inner thigh muscles. Remember to maintain proper form and listen to your body’s signals during the exercises. Now, go ahead and give these exercises a try for a great lower body workout!

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