Playing Through The Pain : Ken Caminiti And The Steroids Confession That Changed Baseball Forever by Dan Good

Playing Through The Pain : Ken Caminiti And The Steroids Confession That Changed Baseball Forever by Dan Good

In Playing Through the Pain: Ken Caminiti and the Steroids Confession That Changed Baseball Forever, author Dan Good delves deep into the remarkable and tumultuous life of MLB MVP Ken Caminiti. Good embarked on this project in 2012 and began conducting interviews for his biography in 2013, ultimately speaking with close to 400 individuals. These interviews provide readers with an exclusive and extensive insight into Caminiti’s struggles with addiction, steroid usage, his triumphs in baseball, and his internal conflicts.

The true nature of Major League Baseball’s infamous steroids era remains shrouded in mystery even after all these years. And yet, the story of Caminiti, the player who first exposed the use of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball, is yet to receive a comprehensive and accurate telling. Regarded as a tenacious third baseman with unmatched defensive skills and formidable power from both sides of the plate, Caminiti made the stunning admission in a 2002 Sports Illustrated cover story that he had used steroids, including during his MVP season in 1996. He even speculated that half of the players in the league were engaged in similar practices. “I’ve made many mistakes,” he confessed, “but I don’t believe that using steroids is one of them.”

Good’s book draws on a multitude of on-the-record sources, including Caminiti’s anonymous steroids supplier, who lays bare the intricate details of setting up drug programs not only for Caminiti but also for numerous other MLB players in the late 1990s. The book also explores the insights shared by individuals who went through rehabilitation alongside Caminiti, shedding light on the hidden traumas that fueled his destructive addictions. Additionally, it features testimonies from hundreds of Caminiti’s teammates and coaches, spanning from his early days in Little League to his time in the big leagues, all of whom deeply admired and respected him while grappling with the challenge of how to support him within a culture that seemed to foster substance abuse. Also providing valuable perspectives are Caminiti’s childhood friends, drawn to his charisma, warmth, and athletic prowess, as well as the teenager who played a pivotal role in the fateful trip to New York City, where Caminiti tragically overdosed and lost his life in October 2004.

Dan Good, Author of Playing Through the Pain on Ken Caminiti

In this article, we will be discussing Dan Good’s book on Ken Kameniti titled “Playing Through the Pain” and the process of ghostwriting and writing in general. Dan Good is the author of this book, which focuses on the life and career of baseball player Ken Kameniti. The book delves into Kameniti’s struggles with addiction and his use of steroids, and how his story impacted the world of baseball.

As a ghostwriter, Dan Good has worked on multiple projects where he has helped other individuals tell their stories by writing their books. He discusses the process of ghostwriting, which involves interviewing the client, creating an outline, and writing the book in the client’s voice. Good mentions that being a ghostwriter has helped him become a better writer and understand the publication process.

Good also discusses his future plans for writing more books, and expresses interest in exploring more stories related to the steroid era of baseball. He believes that there are many important stories to be told in the world of sports and wants to contribute to sharing those stories.

The article concludes by mentioning some of the other projects Good has worked on as a ghostwriter, and encourages readers to check out his book and follow him on social media for updates on his future projects.

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