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Where To Get Advance Reader Copies (ARCs)

If you’ve been in the book community for any length of time, you may have heard of ARCs or Advance(d) Reader Copies. These are paperback copies of to-be-published books that publishers use as marketing material. They are typically sent to people who are influential in the book world. Library staff, bookstore employees, & professional reviewers (magazine, newspaper, website) are typically high on the list because they have the most sway in getting the book into people’s hands.

In this new age of technology, publishers and authors have been working with microinfluencers [people who have a smaller following; bookstagrammers & book bloggers fall into this category] and offering ARCs to them. I’ve been in this online community for 8+ years and the industry is really starting to recognize the pull that we microinfluencers have. I know I certainly will trust a bookish friend’s opinion over an advertisement in a magazine.

The biggest thing to keep in mind about ARCs is they are a piece of marketing material. It costs the publisher to produce & ship to someone. Like any other piece of marketing budget, there is serious thought put in to figure out where to send an ARC. Publishers want the most bang for their buck so they will send books to people who have the most sway or whose review will be seen (& trusted) by the most people. A rejection from a publisher is nothing personal; it’s a business decision.

There are 3 basic ways to acquire ARCs: ‘earning’ them, winning them, & attending events.

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Does This Book Count Towards My Reading Goal?

For all those people who ask:

  • If I read a graphic novel, can I count it towards my reading goal?
  • If I listen to an audiobook, can I count it towards my reading goal?
  • If I reread a book, can I count it towards my reading goal?
  • If I read a non-fiction book, can I count it towards my reading goal?
  • If I read a children’s book, can I count it towards my reading goal?

Feel free to save for future uses during online discussions.

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Favorite Books by the Month 2019

Time for a traditional best books of the year post! These are the best book I read this year. They weren’t necessarily published in 2019.

Complete with pictures and links for your convenience to add to your TBR.

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Discussion: Monetizing Bookstagram and Book Blogs

An interesting discussion crossed my Twitter feed this week.

I’ve been in the bookish blogging world for almost 8 years now and talk of making money from book blogging has almost been taboo.

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