Literati: Pros and Cons + My First Box

Literati sent me a 3 month subscription to their book club in exchange for 3 blog posts. As always, these are my honest thoughts on the service & subscription.

For those ‘old timers’ in the book subscription community, we still LOVE getting books but we’re getting tired of all the stuff in various book boxes. (How many mugs? candles? tote bags? art prints? does someone really need??)

Enter Luminary Book Club by Literati

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The Future of Book Boxes: My Predictions and Wish List

Book subscription boxes have been around for years at this point. It’s been great seeing the growth from small boxes with a few small handmade items from very small shops to the collaborations with publishers, authors, & artists to create some stunning specials editions.

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Now the question is where do book boxes go from here? I have no insider knowledge of the companies but I’ve been a purchaser & observer for years. I’m using my ‘knowledge’ to predict what trends we might see in 2021 and beyond as well as sharing my wish list of what I would like to see.

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Introducing: Directory of Book Boxes

Hello book loving friends! I’ve added another feature for all you book box/book subscription fans.

Directory of Book Boxes

You’ll also find a link on the top menu of all the pages.

This is a very barebones directory giving you: box name, price, location, age group & genres of books. Readers & subscribers all have different tastes so I didn’t want to get bogged down with details that are personal preferences.

Is this different than a directory found on another subscription site? Probably not BUT this directory is guaranteed to be updated & curated by a book lover & box lover not someone who focuses in subscription services in general.

As with all my other lists & features of this blog, it will be updated as I have time so please be patient.

If I’m missing a box, please let me know! [Before being listed, I’m waiting for a service to send out at least TWO boxes. I’ve seen many boxes fizzle or runaway with money. Feel free to still bring a box to my attention so I can add it to my notes & I’ll check on them in a couple of months.]

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September 2019’s Book of The Month YA Picks

I am now a Book of the Month YA affiliate! If you’d like to support Alison In Bookland by using my link, I’d really appreciate it. Otherwise here’s a non-affiliate link.

Are you new to BOTM YA? Use the code GROW to get your first book for $9.99. SCORE!

Are you ready to take a look at September’s picks?

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