Bookstagram 101: Gaining an Audience

This is a tough one. Everyone wants to grow their following. The trick is to be strategic about how you gain those followers. Engaged followers are infinitely better than ghost followers.

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Bookstagram Pet Peeves

Bookstagram has become an addiction. I love setting up photos, talking about books, & meeting wonderful people. While the community is mostly great, there are some aspects that I don’t really care for.

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Discussion: Monetizing Bookstagram and Book Blogs

An interesting discussion crossed my Twitter feed this week.

I’ve been in the bookish blogging world for almost 8 years now and talk of making money from book blogging has almost been taboo.

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Bookstagram 101: What Do You Want To Know?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve been posting about bookstagram and the in and outs of it.

I’ve talked about hashtags, upgrading your account to a Creator account, starting a bookstagram account with no money, my favorite bookstagram apps, & finally how to be an AWESOME bookstagrammer.

These were topics that really spoke to me which is why I shared them. Now I want to know what you’re interested in. There are lots of articles that are focused on Instagram but much of that doesn’t really translate to bookstagram well.

Please comment below with questions or topics you’d like to see discussed on the blog. You can also contact me here.

Quick Guide to Bookstagram Hashtags

Oh, hashtags. Why must you be a necessary evil? If you can figure out the right hashtags, your account can grow without a lot of effort. If you’re not using the ‘right’ ones, your account can feel like it’s stagnant.

Last updated: 3/15/21

This isn’t a comprehensive guide but rather some inspiration to change and play with your hashtags.

Looking for more bookstagram help? I’ve got you covered.

If you’re needing additional hashtag inspiration, try Display Purposes. You can put hashtags in and the site will generate some relevant other hashtags for you to try.

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