What’s Library Popular- February 2021

One of the most interesting things about working in a library is seeing what is or isn’t popular with ‘regular’ readers (readers who aren’t likely wrapped up in the online book community).

I was using the software we have to get some inspiration for putting together a new YA book display. I have to say these aren’t who I would have thought would have been popular (most checked out) authors for the system.

Note: I work in the biggest city in the state but we are still slowly reopening with no seating/programs. That likely influences who is checking out books & what they are reading.

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PSA: Please Sign Up For Summer Reading At Your Library

Things are weird right now. That’s no shock. Various states are reopening at different levels. I’m urging you to help out your local library by signing up for the Summer Reading Program. Go ahead and lump them into the ‘small business’ category that’s been deeply wounded by closures. Just like your favorite local restaurant, they need your support more than ever.

Like many places, statics are incredibly important to Libraries. Those numbers determine funding for programs, funding for materials or staffing as well as many other things depending on the system. The statistics and numbers from Summer Reading Programs are a huge factor in many decisions. This is the biggest event or program for many systems.

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