(My) Tips On How To Read More Classics

Like many readers, I was a bit resentful of the books I was forced to read for English class in school. I liked reading but hated being forced to read on a timeline, reading with a critical eye, & writing essays on a book. I wanted to read for fun and maybe discuss how I liked/didn’t like elements of a story. Therefore, I thought I didn’t enjoy classics.

Related: did you know I have a bookstagram account for classic books?

Nope, turns out I like them just fine when I do it my way. Here are a few tips I’ve learned along my way to loving classic books.

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Initial Impressions: The StoryGraph

I love tracking my reading. I’ve used Goodreads for years. I have almost 1,000 books tracked on there. I read a lot so GR helps me remember & keep track of the books I’ve read & authors I want to try. I enjoy seeing the yearly breakdowns of my reading. But there are many features that really need to be fixed [1/2 stars & fixing the search and algorithm would be a good place to start].

The StoryGraph is new on the scene and it is a possible replacement for those looking to get away from Goodreads.

The StoryGraph came across my radar recently. It’s a new book tracking website that’s actually listening to reader & users and giving us what we actually want. [AND it’s not controlled by Amazon which is always a win]

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How I Read 100+ Books A Year And Work Full-Time

This article is NOT here to shame anyone, if you read one book this year or 300 books this year, you ARE a reader. I just wanted to share some of my tips and tricks to reading so much.

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