WEBTOONS for Young Adult Book Fans

WEBTOON is a popular web comic website. They have a ton of comics on there. If you love manga and/or graphic novels, you’re going to love this site!

Here are a few based on YA books.

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Best Stores to Buy Exclusive Editions of Young Adult Books

If you’ve found your way here, you’re a reader like me. You’ve probably gone a little starry-eyed over a special edition of a book you enjoy. Maybe it’s signed. Maybe it has a gorgeous cover. Whatever it was, it sucked you into the world of book hoarding collecting.

I’m here to round up some of the places that offer exclusive or special editions of Young Adult books. These are stores that offer an edition you can only purchase from them; not a ‘collector’s edition’ of a book available from multiple stores.

As always, please let me know if I’ve missed a store worth mentioning!

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Cover Love

Cover Love: Grishaverse

I love looking at covers from different countries. Sometimes they’re AMAZING. Others are just interesting. Cover Love is a feature where I highlight some book covers from around the world.

I was severely underwhelmed by Leigh Bardugo’s books but I can certainly appreciate a gorgeous cover!

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Young Adult Books On Netflix

Anyone a fan of seeing books adapted for the screen? Here’s a round up of movies & television shows based on Young Adult books on Netflix.

Netflix does a great job with their originals. The list will be a combination of originals (which will always be on Netflix) & non-original material (which changes with new agreements) so I’ll attempt to keep the list current.

Last updated: 2/27/20

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