Battle Of The Butts : The Science Behind Animal Behinds by Jocelyn Rish

Battle Of The Butts : The Science Behind Animal Behinds by Jocelyn Rish

An MASL Dogwood Reader’s Award Title

Did you have any idea that manatees propel themselves through the water by expelling gas bubbles? Or that herrings exchange messages through flatulence? Butts serve various purposes in the animal kingdom, including respiration, nutrition, locomotion, communication, and even defense mechanisms.

This captivating book delves into the intriguing world of ten different animals and their rear ends, offering amusing tidbits about their origins, habitats, and the fascinating powers of their posteriors. From the depths of the ocean to the treetops, this delightful read showcases the marvels of our ecosystem.

So, which creature possesses the most awe-inspiring butt power? The answer lies in your hands as you embark on this entertaining journey of discovery.

Battle of the Butts: A Fun and Educational STEM Book for Kids!

Welcome to the Reading with Your Kids podcast! In this episode, we have Jocelyn Rish, the author of the book Battle of the Butts, joining us to talk about her unique and fascinating non-fiction picture book. Battle of the Butts is all about different animals and the bizarre things they do with their derrieres. From swimming with farts to breathing through their butts, Jocelyn uncovers some truly odd and intriguing facts about these animals. She even consulted with experts to ensure the scientific accuracy of the information presented in the book. Jocelyn shares how she got the idea for the book and how she conducted her research. She also talks about the fun and laughter it brings to children and the importance of making learning enjoyable. We also discuss the recent controversy surrounding a vice principal who was fired for reading a children’s book about butts. Jocelyn explains how she plans to continue writing more Battle books in the future and expand her audience. Find out more about Battle of the Butts and Jocelyn Rish on her website,, where you can also download a fun springtime activity sheet related to the book. Tune in to the next episode of the podcast to hear from Jacob Seger Weinstein, author of How to Remember Everything.

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