Acting One (Revised) by Robert Cohen and Cohen Robert

Acting One (Revised) by Robert Cohen and Cohen Robert

Author: Robert Cohen and Cohen Robert
View book: Acting One (Revised)

Looking to teach the fundamentals of acting to beginners? Look no further. This comprehensive book offers a wealth of resources for instructing aspiring actors with its twenty-eight lessons. Each lesson focuses on hands-on, experiential exercises that foster a deep understanding of the art of acting.

Designed to equip beginners with essential skills, this text delves into various aspects of acting, including verbal communication, active listening, strategic exchanges, physical embodiment, scene construction, and effective decision-making.

Through a series of engaging exercises, students will learn how to effectively use their voices, attentively listen and respond, navigate complex interactions, convey emotions through physicality, construct compelling scenes, and make astute artistic choices.

By offering a range of practical exercises, this book enables beginners to develop a solid foundation in acting. Whether you’re an instructor searching for teaching material or a novice actor eager to master the basics, this text is a valuable resource that will help unlock your potential in the world of acting.

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