After Life : Answers From The Other Side by John Edward

After Life : Answers From The Other Side by John Edward

Author: John Edward
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Internationally acclaimed psychic medium John Edward explores new territories and expands his abilities in his fourth book, AFTER LIFE: Answers from the Other Side. Accompanied by a documentary crew, John embarks on a journey “Down Under” in Australia and throughout the United States, illustrating the enduring bond between grief, healing, and hope that transcends cultural boundaries. In this book, John provides insightful explanations to frequently asked questions about the mechanics of mediumship on the “other side,” while also sharing intimate details of his personal life as a husband and father. Drawing from his own recent experiences of loss, John emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and the boundless power of love. Additionally, After Life delves into John’s encounters with both renowned figures, both deceased and living, as he highlights the absence of exclusivity on the other side—no velvet ropes or VIP sections exist there, as John happily observes.

John Edward’s Lifelong Journey as a Psychic Medium

Welcome to the Locker Room! Today, we have a very special guest joining us. John Edward, renowned psychic medium, author, and lecturer, will be sharing his experiences and insights into his four-decade-long career helping people connect with the other side. He will also talk about his deep connection to the TV show Guiding Light and the psychic phenomenon genre. Let’s dive into this fascinating conversation with John Edward.

Early Fascination with Powers and Superheroes

As a child, John Edward was obsessed with anything related to superpowers and superheroes. He couldn’t get enough of television shows like Genie, Bionic Man, Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman, and Bewitched. These shows sparked his imagination and instilled in him a lifelong fascination with powers and supernatural abilities.

He also recalls watching shows like Fantasy Island, where the concept of characters having powers was intriguing but not fully explored. These shows, along with his own experiences and memories, shaped his outlook on the supernatural and energy.

Education and Discovery

John Edward attended Long Island University without a clear idea of what he wanted to study or pursue. However, he developed an interest in healthcare administration after watching a character on Guiding Light who worked as a hospital administrator. Inspired by this, he decided to pursue a degree in healthcare and public administration.

During his college years, John Edward had his first psychic experience that changed his life. He received a reading from a psychic friend of his mother’s, Lydia Clarke, which revealed his own psychic abilities and future path. This sparked his curiosity and led him to dive deeper into the world of psychic phenomena through extensive research and reading.

The Loss of His Mother and the Connection to Guiding Light

Tragically, John Edward’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, and he became her primary caretaker during her illness. During this time, he had heartfelt conversations with her about the afterlife and made a special request. He asked her to provide him with signs and connections to Guiding Light after her passing.

Following his mother’s passing, John Edward embarked on his journey as a professional medium and psychic. He pioneered the genre of psychic mediumship with his television program Crossing Over with John Edward, which ran for four seasons. He also authored numerous books, including the New York Times bestseller, One Last Time.

The Responsibility of Being a Medium

As a psychic medium, John Edward recognizes the immense responsibility that comes with his work. People put their faith, hope, and even financial resources into connecting with their loved ones through him. He is aware of the impact his readings can have on individuals’ lives and strives to provide comfort, healing, and empowerment through his abilities.

Perspectives on the Afterlife

When it comes to the afterlife, John Edward believes it is an overlay or parallel dimension to our own. While he cannot provide definitive explanations or proof, he has personally experienced and witnessed connections and validations between this world and the spiritual realm.

He does not try to define or explain what the afterlife is like, as each person’s experience of it may differ. Instead, he focuses on delivering the messages and information he receives from spirits to help the best way he can.

Reflections on Australia and Unity

John Edward has a deep appreciation for Australia and its sense of unity and civility. He has traveled extensively in the country and admires the way Australians come together as a community, regardless of differences or divisions. He contrasts this with the current state of affairs in the United States, emphasizing the need for unity and taking care of humanity as a whole.

Final Thoughts

John Edward concludes by acknowledging the importance of being a critical thinker and maintaining objectivity in the field of metaphysics. He advises people to question and explore their beliefs, always striving for personal growth and understanding. Ultimately, he believes in the unity of humanity and the power of love and compassion in our world.

That concludes our discussion with John Edward. Thank you for joining us, and we hope you found his insights and experiences enlightening. Be sure to check back for more fascinating interviews and articles on a variety of topics. Stay curious!

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