Airborne : A Guided Tour Of An Airborne Task Force by Tom Clancy

Airborne : A Guided Tour Of An Airborne Task Force by Tom Clancy

Author: Tom Clancy
View book: Airborne : A Guided Tour Of An Airborne Task Force

The Airborne Task Force, a powerful collaboration of the Army and Air Force, is a force to be reckoned with. Bestselling author Tom Clancy delves into this exceptional branch of our country’s military, painting a vivid picture of its capabilities and mission in an ever-evolving world.

In his gripping style, Clancy offers a captivating exploration of the Airborne juggernaut. This comprehensive account covers everything from the dedicated individuals within the force to the cutting-edge technology they employ.

Airborne also features two intriguing “mini-novels” by Clancy that bring to life real-world scenarios involving the Airborne Task Force. Readers will gain insight into the weapons shaping the twenty-first century, such as the Javelin anti-tank missile, the hypersonic LOSAT fire support system, and the stealthy Comanche Helicopter.

This book provides a unique glimpse into the immersive experience of life in an Airborne Alert Brigade, offering readers an inside look at the challenges and triumphs faced by these exceptional soldiers.

Accompanied by exclusive photographs, illustrations, and detailed diagrams, Airborne immerses readers in the world of the Airborne Task Force. The book also offers an in-depth interview with General John M. Keane, the incoming commander of the esteemed 18th Airborne Corps.

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