Hey! Listen To This : Stories To Read Aloud by Unknown author

Hey! Listen To This : Stories To Read Aloud by Unknown author

Jim Trelease’s “New Read-Aloud Handbook” has guided numerous individuals in experiencing the magical tradition of reading aloud to children. In his latest work, “Hey! Listen to This,” Trelease compiles a collection of forty-eight captivating stories that parents and educators can enjoy with children aged five to nine.

Trelease’s selections encompass a wide array of tales, ranging from timeless folktales such as “Uncle Remus,” “The Pied Piper of Hamelin,” and “The Indian Cinderella” to beloved classics authored by legendary children’s writers like Roald Dahl (“James and the Giant Peach”), E.B. White (“Charlotte’s Web”), Beverly Cleary (“Ramona the Pest”), C.S. Lewis (“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”), and L. Frank Baum (“Ozma of Oz”).

Furthermore, Trelease provides an enlightening introduction to each story, enhancing the readers’ understanding and connection to the narratives. He also suggests additional reading options, expanding the literary horizons of both children and adults alike.

Learning and Growing: No David! – Fun Children’s Book for Teaching Responsibility

Today, we’re going to dive into the beloved children’s book, “No David” by David Shannon. In this tale, we follow the mischievous adventures of a young boy named David who is constantly being told “no” by his mom.

A Wall of Creativity

Our story begins with David using a purple crayon to draw on the walls. From tic-tac-toe to stars and his name, David unleashes his artistic expression. However, his mom reminds him that drawing on the walls is a no-no.

A Craving for Cookies

Next, David finds himself eyeing the top shelf where the delicious cookies are stored. Using a chair to reach up, he sets off on a daring cookie quest. But his mom catches him in the act and once again, it’s a resounding “no, David!”

A Trail of Mess

David’s adventures continue as he tracks dirt and mud all throughout the house. From his head to his toes, dirt, plants, and even a worm make their home on David. His mom’s patience wears thin as she scolds him for making such a mess.

A Tub of Chaos

During bath time, David’s imagination runs wild as he chases a yellow duck with a shark. Wearing a pirate hat and brandishing a snorkel, he creates a whirlwind in the tub. His mom isn’t pleased, but not because of the play. It’s the overflowing water that has her exclaiming “no” yet again.

A Naked Dash

On a lovely sunny day, David decides to let it all hang out and runs around outside without any clothes on. Even the white dog across the street can’t help but stare. His mom quickly intervenes, reminding him that running naked is not proper.

A Band of Noise

In a burst of creativity, David transforms into a marching band member, complete with a pot for a helmet and a metal spoon as a drumstick. But his enthusiastic drumming proves to be too loud for his mom’s liking. Once again, he’s met with a firm “no, David!”

Playing with Food

David’s antics then shift to the dinner table. Using his plate as a canvas, he constructs a potato monster complete with chicken legs and green bean arms. Although creative, his mom advises him not to play with his food and encourages him to eat it properly.

A Mouthful of Manners

While David does manage to consume a variety of healthy foods, his lack of table manners is hard to ignore. Chewing with his mouth wide open, he demonstrates a lack of courtesy. His mom reminds him of proper eating habits and the danger of choking on food.

A Room to Reflect

Caught up in the excitement of a superhero TV show, David’s energy spills over into his room. Jumping on the bed with his makeshift cape and cowboy boots, he creates quite the ruckus. His mom intervenes, urging him to calm down and settle in.

A Peculiar Pastime

In a moment of impulse, David engages in the not-so-glamorous activity of nose-picking. His mom, ever watchful, admonishes him and reminds him to wash his hands afterward.

Tidying Up Toys

David’s room becomes the battleground for the never-ending war against clutter. Toys are scattered everywhere, prompting his mom to insist he put them away. From cowboy hats to marbles, etch-a-sketch to a spaceship, David’s toy collection knows no bounds. It’s time for him to clean up the chaos.

A Baseball Catastrophe

Finally, David finds himself in the danger zone as he attempts to play baseball indoors. With a glass coffee table and delicate belongings nearby, disaster strikes as he accidentally breaks a glass vase and damages a ballerina figurine. His mom instantly reminds him of the consequences of such reckless behavior.

A Mother’s Love

Despite David’s frequent encounters with the word “no,” his mom’s love for him remains unwavering. In a touching moment, she embraces him and expresses her affection, reminding him that even though he may hear the word “no” often, it doesn’t diminish her love for him.


In this charming tale, we witness the imaginative and often mischievous antics of a young boy named David. Through his adventures, we learn about the importance of boundaries, manners, and responsibility. While David’s mom may seem strict, her intentions are rooted in love and a desire to teach him valuable life lessons.

So, let’s take a page from David’s story and remember not to draw on the walls, make a mess, play with our food, or engage in risky activities indoors. And of course, always clean up after ourselves. By learning from David’s experiences, we can grow to become responsible and well-behaved individuals.

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