111 Places In Houston That You Must Not Miss Revised by Dana Duterroil and Joni Fincham

111 Places In Houston That You Must Not Miss Revised by Dana Duterroil and Joni Fincham

Author: Dana Duterroil and Joni Fincham
View book: 111 Places In Houston That You Must Not Miss Revised

Discover the fascinating tales hidden within the plethora of nicknames bestowed upon Houston in the latest edition of 111 Places in Houston That You Must Not Miss Revised! Traverse through Space City, Bayou City, Hustletown, Clutch City, and Crush City, as you delve deep into the multifaceted identity of this vibrant metropolis. This meticulously crafted paperback compendium is brimming with invaluable insights on the finest landmarks, eateries, and entertainment options that Houston proudly presents. With the unrivaled expertise of Dana Duterroil, rest assured that you will unearth countless extraordinary locations to embark upon your urban adventures. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to acquire your copy of 111 Places in Houston That You Must Not Miss Revised today and prepare yourself to experience the magnificence of Houston like never before!

“Discover Hidden Gems: ‘111 Places in Houston You Must Not Miss'”

A Guide to Exploring Houston’s Hidden Gems: 111 Places You Can’t Miss

Houston is known for its incredible attractions and hidden treasures, and two local explorers, Dana Dutero and Joni Fincham, have taken on the challenge of discovering and documenting the city’s best spots in their book, 111 Places in Houston You Must Not Miss. In an interview with Houston Life, they shared their journey and some fascinating insights about their project.

Dutero and Fincham, founders of a personalized tour guide company, had always wanted to create a comprehensive guidebook. In 2019, they were selected as the authors of 111 Places in Houston You Must Not Miss for the international 111 Places guidebook series. This opportunity allowed them to explore the city and compile a list of 111 must-visit places.

The duo embarked on numerous scouting trips to ensure that they could provide accurate and up-to-date information about each location. Despite facing challenges towards the end due to the pandemic, they managed to complete their mission within a year. The majority of the places featured in the book are still open, which is great news for explorers.

Intriguingly, the significance of the number 111 in the guidebook series originates from the publisher’s hometown of Cologne, Germany. The number 11 holds special meaning there, but 11 places would not have made an extensive guidebook. Hence, they added a one to make it 111.

Aside from the unique numbering system, each book in the series also includes a chapter dedicated to a distinctive bathroom. Dutero and Fincham proudly shared that their chosen bathroom is located in the 1940 Air Terminal Museum, which once served as Elizabeth Taylor’s powder room during the filming of “Giant” in Marfa. Guests can now admire the ancient charm of the bathroom, although the need for a fan is no longer necessary as the building is now air-conditioned.

With so many incredible places to choose from, it’s challenging to narrow down the highlights. Nevertheless, Dutero and Fincham expressed their fondness for Griffith Skyspace and the Mahatma Gandhi District. The vibrant displays of saris and jewelry in the Mahatma Gandhi District are visually stunning, while Griffith Skyspace offers a unique experience with its interactive light installation.

One of their most memorable visits was to Neon Boots, a historic building that was once the Esquire Ballroom, where famous country legends like Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers performed. Today, it continues to celebrate its rich history while welcoming new experiences.

The authors have curated a list that showcases the diverse offerings of Houston, including spots like Exotic Pops, a store with a curated collection of snacks and sodas, and the Mariachi Mass at St. Joseph Catholic Church. This book is a valuable resource for both tourists and newcomers to the city, providing them with a curated itinerary to explore Houston’s hidden gems.

If you’re unsure where to start your adventure, the authors recommend beginning with a visit to the Original Kolache Shop on Telephone Road, a family-run establishment since 1956. This delightful eatery is located near the 1940 Air Terminal Museum, allowing visitors to take in both unique experiences in one visit. Another suggested stop is Mount Rush Hour, an impressive art installation off I-45 that features giant busts of George Washington, Sam Houston, Abraham Lincoln, and Stephen F. Austin by local sculptor David Adickes.

111 Places in Houston You Must Not Miss is an excellent resource for those eager to explore Houston’s hidden gems. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this guidebook will take you on a memorable journey through the city’s most remarkable locations. It’s available at your favorite book retailer, and you can find more information on our website, houstonlife.tv.

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