Angels Are For Real : Inspiring, True Stories And Biblical Answers by Judith M a Macnutt

Angels Are For Real : Inspiring, True Stories And Biblical Answers by Judith M a Macnutt

Author: Judith M a Macnutt
View book: Angels Are For Real : Inspiring, True Stories And Biblical Answers

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In Angels Are Real, Judith MacNutt delves into the significant role angels play in the Kingdom of God and the lives of believers. Unfortunately, many Christians either disregard their existence or fail to fully explore their impact. MacNutt lifts the veil on this captivating subject, sharing awe-inspiring true stories and miraculous encounters. Moreover, she reveals what the Bible discloses about these celestial beings, providing invaluable insights into the spiritual realm.

MacNutt relies on solid scriptural evidence to explore various aspects concerning angels. She delves into their appearance and duties, explaining why they hold immense significance in the lives of believers. Furthermore, this comprehensive guide for Christians delves into the heavenly hierarchy and offers a glimpse into the realm of fallen angels.

Angels Are Real proves to be a compelling and accessible resource. By understanding the importance of angels to both God and themselves, believers will gain a deeper appreciation for God’s power and His extraordinary love.

Unlocking the Supernatural: Angels, Dreams, and Prophetic Names

In this article, we will explore the importance of understanding how to cooperate with angels and how to interpret dreams. Many people have never been mentored in the supernatural and as a result, they are missing out on the blessings that God has for them. James Gall, an expert in the supernatural, has developed two books to mentor individuals in these areas. One book focuses on angels and the other on understanding dreams.

Cooperating with angels is vital because the Bible tells us that by entertaining angels, we may be engaging with the supernatural without even realizing it. Cultivating spiritual sensitivity and growing in our capacity to cooperate with angels can open doors to incredible encounters and blessings.

Understanding dreams is also crucial. While some people may be skilled at interpreting literal dreams, symbolic dreams can be more challenging. James Gall’s book on understanding dreams provides simple guidance and an anointing to take believers to the next level in their supernatural journey.

James Gall shares a personal story about his wife’s miraculous healing and how God revealed the name of their son before he was born. This experience taught them the power of prophetic intercession and praying the revelation into being.

One concern that people often have is how to differentiate between angels and counterfeit spirits. James Gall explains that the fruit and the experience are key indicators. Angels bring freedom, exalt Jesus, center on the Word of God, and bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Testing the spirits and asking them to confess the deity of Jesus Christ helps to discern their nature.

The article also highlights James Gall’s in-depth study of angels as mentioned in the Bible. Over several decades, he has examined the 300 verses related to angels and read over 110 books on the topic. This extensive research has equipped him to share profound insights on the ministry and function of angels.

Furthermore, James Gall recounts an encounter with an angel named “Israel Awakening,” during a worship conference in Long Island. He explains that this angel’s presence signifies an awakening in the body of Christ, a turning of Jewish people to Jesus as Messiah, and a great spiritual awakening in Israel itself.

The article then explores James Gall’s predictions regarding disruptive technologies. He foresees new discoveries of oil in previously unexplored areas, reducing dependency on Middle Eastern oil. Additionally, he anticipates new energy sources being uncovered from the ground and the ocean, as well as advancements in desalination techniques to address water scarcity.

James Gall also prophesies healing for those on kidney dialysis, blood disorders, and diabetes. He speaks of a supernatural surge of faith, a fire that cleanses bloodstreams, and healing in the small intestine and stomach regions.

The article concludes with Sid Roth noting the importance of James Gall’s mentoring tools, particularly his Hebrew prayers for everyday life. It emphasizes the act of blessing God and expresses gratitude for His goodness.

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