Beyond Addiction : How Science And Kindness Help People Change : A Guide For Families by Jeffrey Foote and Carrie Wilkens

Beyond Addiction : How Science And Kindness Help People Change : A Guide For Families by Jeffrey Foote and Carrie Wilkens

The groundbreaking method that challenges current treatment models and provides hope to families dealing with substance abuse, has been hailed by Kirkus Reviews. This innovative approach is offered by leaders in progressive addiction treatment in the US. Beyond Addiction aims to go beyond traditional interventions and tough love by showing family and friends how they can support their loved ones through kindness, positive reinforcement, and motivational strategies.

The authors draw on years of research and clinical experience to offer practical advice that is delivered with warmth, optimism, and humor. Beyond Addiction defines a new role for friends and family, empowering them and shifting the paradigm of addiction treatment. This approach not only eases the process for both the substance abuser and their family, but also proves to be more effective.

This guide teaches readers how to harness the power of relationships for positive change through exercises and real-life examples. It presents therapy techniques that truly work, both in professional settings and in everyday life. Additionally, it provides insights into navigating the treatment system and explores various treatment options.

Above all, Beyond Addiction offers hope. It provides a lifeline for parents, family, and friends, reminding them that while they cannot force someone to change, they have the ability to make change appear appealing and achievable.

Beyond Addiction: Empowering Families to Help Loved Ones Change.

There are millions of individuals concerned about a loved one’s substance abuse, but they often feel helpless and unsure of how to assist. However, Beyond Addiction offers a unique perspective by emphasizing the importance of staying engaged rather than stepping back. We believe that families, whether they are spouses, parents, or children, can play a significant role in supporting their loved one’s recovery. Research also indicates that greater family involvement leads to improved outcomes.

One reason for optimism is that treatment is effective. People can and do change. By learning effective strategies outlined in this article, families can encourage their loved ones to seek help and embark on a journey towards recovery. Our approach focuses on collaborative and respectful communication, which enables loved ones to feel heard and supported.

Positive communication and reinforcement techniques have been extensively studied and proven to be more effective than other approaches. These methods increase the likelihood of loved ones seeking treatment, reduce substance use even before treatment, and significantly improve the well-being of family members themselves.

It is our hope that individuals will discover this article before the situation escalates, preventing further sadness and anger within households. Many families have already experienced the devastating consequences of addiction, and we aim to change the narrative surrounding how to provide support. We encourage earlier and more consistent action and advocate for increased compassion and understanding towards the challenging nature of behavioral change.

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