Body & Soul : A Girl’s Guide To A Fit, Fun, And Fabulous Life by Bethany Hamilton

Body & Soul : A Girl's Guide To A Fit, Fun, And Fabulous Life by Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton is not just a professional athlete, but also a fitness expert who has triumphed over incredible obstacles. In her book, Body & Soul, Bethany shares her personal journey and offers guidance on achieving a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are familiar with Bethany or not, regardless of whether you are into surfing or not, everyone faces challenges in life. Body & Soul is a resource that aims to help young girls navigate their own challenges by incorporating fitness into their daily routine.

As an accomplished athlete, Bethany imparts her wisdom through workouts designed specifically for young girls, created in collaboration with her personal trainer. Additionally, the book features recipes and information on healthy eating, based on what Bethany calls “Bethany’s food pyramid,” which aligns with the Mediterranean diet. Moreover, Body & Soul provides advice on nurturing your spiritual wellbeing, emphasizing the importance of achieving balance in both physical and spiritual health.

Body & Soul is not solely about Bethany’s life, but rather about the overall wellness of its readers. Through the integration of physical and spiritual practices, it serves as a guide to becoming the best version of oneself. In this book, readers will find a wealth of knowledge and practical tips for developing a pattern of healthy living from an early age.

The Divine Design: Embracing God’s Message for Girls

A key message I found incredibly powerful in the book is the idea that each and every one of us has been uniquely designed by God. He intends for us to live for Him and love Him, and part of that includes taking care of our bodies. This is why we believe it’s essential to incorporate health and fitness into our lives. When we make unhealthy lifestyle choices, it can diminish our confidence. Therefore, it’s important to find a balance between seeking God, looking after our bodies, and making wise decisions as we grow into strong and confident women.

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