Book Of Positive Quotations, 2nd Edition by Unknown author

Book Of Positive Quotations, 2nd Edition by Unknown author

The Book of Positive Quotations, originally released in 1997, has been widely embraced by readers, with over 200,000 trade copies sold. In this latest edition, the book has undergone a significant expansion, now featuring an impressive 10,000 quotations, including a remarkable addition of 3,000 new quotes. This comprehensive collection of uplifting and inspiring words comes from a diverse group of 1,300 esteemed authors.

The Book of Positive Quotations is part of the esteemed Positive Quotation series by Fairview Press, a collection of four highly acclaimed books that aim to empower individuals and cultivate a positive mindset. With its vast array of quotations, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking inspiration, motivation, or simply a daily dose of positivity.

The Book of Positive Quotations: Embracing the Incomprehensible Power of God

Incomprehensible yet Divine: Exploring the Nature of a Higher Power

Introduction: When it comes to the concept of a higher power or God, understanding the entirety of it is not only unnecessary but also impossible. While our minds strive to make sense of the works of this mystifying force, it is in our hearts where we truly experience its presence. Conjectures about God may be as futile as those of a child trying to understand the intricacies of an adult. In the realm of divinity, no statement can be taken as literal truth, for God transcends all measurement. To confine God within the boundaries of ordinary language or limit it to specific occurrences is a disservice to the magnificence of its essence.

God’s Immeasurable Existence: God is far beyond what can be quantified or comprehended. Attempts to grasp God’s nature through visual or material representations only limit our understanding. The desire to see God as one sees a cow and love God for the material benefits it brings is a shallow perspective. The mind alone is incapable of fully comprehending God, for it is the heart that already knows the depths of its presence. In fact, minds are designed to carry out the directives of the heart, and a God that can be fully understood is not truly God at all.

Diverse Perceptions: When asked to describe God, individuals respond differently based on their unique perspectives. Just as one cannot physically see their soul, the existence of which they believe in, people respect and honor God without tangible evidence. God may manifest differently to each person, acting as a mirror that reflects various aspects of divinity. While God’s essence remains constant, every individual perceives it through their own lens.

God’s Infinite Attributes: God can be described as a divine and supreme force, an omnipotent mind, spirit, soul, and a wellspring of truth and love. However, many people perceive God as a mere remedy for their failures, seeking comfort in God’s judgment against the opinions of the world. To truly understand God’s nature, one must recognize that God surpasses human expectations and encompasses what ought to be rather than what simply is.

The Pursuit of God: The search for and connection with God is an ongoing quest that goes beyond physical manifestations. In moments of loss, it is not that God is lost, but rather, our own connection to God that falters. God enters each individual through a unique and personal door. The path to finding and reaching God begins with self-knowledge, which leads to a deeper connection with the divine than the pursuit of mere scientific knowledge. By embracing intuition and allowing it to guide us, we establish a direct connection to the higher power of the universe.

The Divine Assistance: When individuals take even a single step towards God, they find that God takes multiple steps towards them. The notion of “finding” God implies that God can be lost, but in reality, God is always present. The adventure of discovering God unfolds through the interactions and experiences of those around us. God’s assistance is ever-present, and success is possible only with the support of the Divine Being.

Embracing God’s Presence: In order to draw closer to God, one must abandon the notion of physical separation. God’s omnipresence means that God is everywhere, and it is only by forgetting oneself that true proximity to God is achieved. Calling upon God in earnest and genuine faith ensures that one’s prayers and desires are recognized and fulfilled. God’s protection, wisdom, and love surround and guide those who place their trust in the divine.

While speaking about God is essential, true understanding of God comes only through personal experience and the embodiment of godly virtues in daily life. The trust and faith in a higher power provide inner strength and enable individuals to navigate life’s challenges. The acceptance of one’s own acceptance by a power greater than themselves fosters a sense of peace and instills the courage to face any struggles. To deny the fundamental idea of God within oneself is to sever the connection to one’s own being. As human beings, we are forever bound to our innate longing for a higher power, and it is through this connection that we find ultimate fulfillment.

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