All We Can Save : Truth, Courage, And Solutions For The Climate Crisis by Unknown author

All We Can Save : Truth, Courage, And Solutions For The Climate Crisis by Unknown author

Author: Unknown author
View book: All We Can Save : Truth, Courage, And Solutions For The Climate Crisis

A groundbreaking book that highlights the vital role of women in the climate movement has become a national bestseller. “All We Can Save” features thought-provoking essays from leading female voices who are dedicated to finding solutions for the climate crisis.

The book showcases a renaissance in the climate movement, with a leadership style that is both feminine and feminist. These women emphasize compassion, connection, creativity, and collaboration in their efforts to drive meaningful change.

Despite the undeniable impact of women and girls in this field, they are often excluded from important discussions. This lack of representation can hinder progress. To truly transform our future, everyone must be involved.

“All We Can Save” offers valuable expertise and insights from a diverse group of women climate leaders in the United States. Scientists, journalists, farmers, lawyers, teachers, activists, innovators, and designers provide a range of perspectives, ensuring a more inclusive and solution-oriented public dialogue about climate change.

In addition to essays, the book also features poetry and art, creating a powerful and inspiring resource. It serves as a reminder of the challenges we face and encourages us to remain steadfast in our determination to protect the planet and support each other.

The collection, curated by two prominent climate leaders, celebrates the visionaries who are leading us toward a sustainable future. With contributions from renowned figures such as Alice Walker, Naomi Klein, and Jane Goodall, “All We Can Save” is a testament to the power of collective action.

By amplifying the voices of women and embracing truth, courage, and innovative solutions, we can shift away from the impending crisis and embrace a future filled with hope and possibility.


The book features essays and poems from a wide range of influential women in the climate movement, including:

Emily AtkinXiye BastidaEllen BassColette Pichon BattleJainey K. BavishiJanine Benyusadrienne maree brownRégine ClémentAbigail DillenCamille T. DungyRhiana Gunn-WrightJoy HarjoKatharine HayhoeMary Annaïse HeglarJane HirshfieldMary Anne HittAilish HopperTara Houska, ZhaabowekweEmily N. JohnstonJoan Naviyuk KaneNaomi KleinKate KnuthAda LimónLouise Maher-JohnsonKate MarvelGina McCarthyAnne Haven McDonnellSarah MillerSherri Mitchell, Weh’na Ha’mu KwassetSusanne C. MoserLynna OdelSharon OldsMary OliverKate OrffJacqui PattersonLeah PennimanCatherine PierceMarge PiercyKendra Pierre-LouisVarshini PrakashJanisse RayChristine E. Nieves RodriguezFavianna RodriguezCameron RussellAsh SandersJudith D. SchwartzPatricia SmithEmily StengelSarah StillmanLeah Cardamore StokesAmanda SturgeonMaggie ThomasHeather McTeer ToneyAlexandria VillaseñorAlice WalkerAmy WesterveltJane Zelikova

Fostering Collaboration for Climate Solutions: Lessons from All We Can Save

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